Daniel Jones all the way from New Zealand will join Grampians Challenge

Daniel Jones, not a stranger to multisport and adventure racing podiums all around the world, confirmed his entry to Adventure Cup finale, Grampians Challenge. We welcome Daniel to the Grampians Challenge and here is a quick pre-race interview to introduce Daniel to those who don't know him yet
Just a quick Bio and AR racing highlights, what do you consider your main achievement?
Daniel Jones, 28, Coach Running/Multisport
Main Achievement - 2:18:40 marathon, but in Adventure, racing having a successful China Adventure racing career with Alex Hunt and Jacky and Mimi Boisset as part of Team Raw Adventure.  
Also, my first race with Alex at Redbull Defiance 2016 where we took it out was a highlight and a breakthrough for me to prove I was decent enough to race alongside these top athletes.

How was Japan? What was the hardest? How was the weather? 2.18 is something unbelievable..

Japan - Lake Biwa marathon was a great experience. I've been training specifically for this race and wanted to hit 2.18.00. The hardest part of this race was realising that the pack I was with at halfway was fading, we ran through the half at 1.09.30 so I knew that even to get under 2.19.00 I had to pick up the pace and smash out that last half of the marathon. To finish 46th with a sub 2.20 marathon was the best part, it is an amazing experience running in such a deep field.

How did you find out about the Grampians Challenge Race? 

I found out about the Grampians through my mate Dale who I am coaching, he is targeting this race. It worked out nicely for us to catch-up and also line-up on the start-line next to each other.

Do you think you can upset Adventure Cup ambassador James Pretto? 

I'm sure James will be in fine form after his top performance at Coast to Coast. I'll be backing my legs to recover well from the marathon so the run leg should be a good way to start the race. Hopefully, the arms remember how to wield a paddle but I will be keeping an eye out for James on that Kayak. But anything could happen and I look forward to the contest.

One top secret of your team success in all Chinese races? Which was the last one you won over there? 

In China, the key to success is working well with your team whilst still looking after yourself. Our team has been racing together for 3 years so we know when and how to help each other, i.e. towing/pushing. The last big race we won was Wulong, we were very happy to achieve that win as our previous experience in that race was not a great one.

What is your next main event? 

My next main event is not set in stone yet. But I think I will target another marathon around June sometime and hopefully hitout something around 2.17ish if the race suits. I'm sure there will also be more adventure racing and multisport for me in the future.

Here are some more Daniel's sporting bio highlights:
  • 46th at Lake Biwa Marathon - 2:18:40 PB
  • 1st team in Coast to Coast - Runner
Adventure Racing - Team Raw Adventure
  • Wulong Outdoor Quest - 1st
  • Suqian Quadrathlon - 1st
  • Simian Mountain Adventure Race - 1st
  • Wengan - 2nd
  • Auckland Marathon - 2nd
  • Queenstown Marathon - 1st
  • Kepler Challenge Ultramarathon - 1st

Originally published at AdventureCup.com.au

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